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Digital Kit

The digital kit program is an initiative of the Government of Spain, with the aim of subsidizing the implementation of digital solutions available on the market to achieve a significant advance in the level of digital maturity of SMEs, through European funds.

Three ranges of SMEs are established:

Segment I:

– Small Businesses from 10 to less than 50 Employees*: Digital Bonus up to 12.000€.

Segment II:

– Small Businesses from 3 to less than 10 Employees*: Digital Bonus up to 6.000€.

Segment III:

– Micro-companies and Self-Employed from 0 to less than 3 Employees*: Digital Bonus up to 2.000€.

To calculate the number of workers, the certificate of the average workforce of registered workers, issued by the General Treasury of Social Security, must be taken into account, for each contribution account code that has been registered, according to the segment:

– Segment I: Average workforce for the calendar year to the date of application.

– Segment II and III: Average workforce for the year prior to the application date.



  • Taxes on personal or corporate income, as well as other national, regional or local taxes and fees.
  • Hardware.
  • Telecommunication services and Internet connectivity.
  • Expenses related to compensation for services rendered by third parties in order to obtain these grants (expenses for the provision of consultancy, management or similar services).

At ADI we help you take the step towards digital transformation, subsidizing your project with European funds.


We take care of processing the grant application for you to receive up to €12,000, depending on the segment to which your company belongs, and we help you with the selection of a Digitalizing Agent for the implementation of your project.

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